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Thursday, March 6, 2014

From the Library's Shelves

I was working in the non-fiction area the other day and of course when I go by 746.43 my progress slows down. I have to take a look and see what is on the shelf. (What if somehow there was a knitting book there that I had not seen yet?!) 

As I was looking I noticed Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Anyone who has been knitting for awhile has at least heard of Elizabeth. She is renowned for revolutionizing the knitting world. In an era where knitting with flat needles was the norm, 'EZ' encouraged not only knitting in the round but also creating your own pattern using a basic percentage system.

The book just seemed so unassuming. There it was in paperback form with its dated cover, black and white photos, and even the sweaters seemed to be dated. 
Knitting Without Tears
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But then I started to read it. Really read it. Talk about a hidden jewel! The book is filled with practical instructions and tips - all presented in a way that makes you feel Elizabeth is sitting on the couch with you. (She would have been one heck of a blogger!)

Check it out. It's really worth the read. No matter how experienced a knitter you are - I bet you'll learn something. Read it for her stories and quotes.

"Knitting can be solace, inspiration, adventure. It is manual and mental therapy. It keeps us warm, as well as those we like and love. It has existed almost as long as the soft sheep, and in giving us wool they deprive themselves of no more than an uncomfortably warm fur coat in the heat of the summer."

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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