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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Work in a Library . . . Keep it up at home!

So there I sat this morning . . . with my knitting and my coffee. I guess my impatience started to surface because I started to think about what to knit next. No, my sweater is not done. The front is, and I am halfway up the back. Yes, I know it will need 2 sleeves. Yes, I also know this is how those UnFinished Objects . . . aka, UFO's are created! But still . . . there went my mind thinking ahead.

So I then decided to take a look at my favorites and my queue on Ravelry. Well that was a mistake! Not only did it remind me of all the things I want to knit . . . but hey, how come I didn't post the baby sweater I just knitted? How come I didn't post the sweater I made for Judy, and those fleece-lined mittens? 

Then I looked at my library. How come I don't have all my pattern books/booklets added? I mean, really. You should see my bill filing system. All labeled with a label maker, alphabetical order (duh, of course!), and even color coded folders. So how did I get to be such a slacker with my knitting books? For heaven's sake . . . I work in a LIBRARY!! 

So I perched myself on the floor (carefully of course so I wouldn't spill my coffee), and added all the books/booklets that were missing to my Ravelry library. I feel much better now.

Wouldn't you? All my Norah Gaughan's are together, all my sock books are together. I know, I know. You would think a library worker would have them arranged in alphabetical order by author. I chose instead to just make up my own personal Dewey system. But the great thing about a Ravelry library is you can just re-arrange them however you want, whenever you want!

Go ahead. Check out my Ravelry library. I am Plymouthkaren. It's very organized.

If you haven't gone on Ravelry yet . . .well, OMG!! What are you waiting for? It's like Facebook for knitters . . . only better . . . 'cuz, . . . well it's knitting!

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.
(And of course, keep your books organized!)