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Saturday, March 7, 2015

6 Is the New 2-4

I sat down this morning to work on my knitting and thought to myself, 'Geesh, this sweater is taking forever!' I wondered why . . . and then I realized that I have been so busy making these wonderful piles of snow in my yard that I haven't had time to knit, to clean house, to blog . . . really no time to do anything . . . except of course to add to the wonderful piles . . . every 3 days . . . and then fall asleep at night.

I tried to be optimistic and think that since I haven't had time to shop,  I am saving money. It's also like having a free gym in my yard . . . I am getting better arm strength and I have lost 5 pounds.

But still . . . my knitting is languishing in my bag . . . I should be working on the sleeves by now and I am still on the back!

Then the slap in the face happened yesterday. The forecast was 2-4 inches . . . and yet when I measured it . . . after it had sat in the sun and even melted or settled a little . . . 

. . . well I ask you . . . does that look like 2-4 inches to you??!! My 'You can Prevent Forest Fires' ruler clearly shows a strong 6 inches!!

Let's face it. If a knitter measured like a weatherman, nothing would ever fit. Sleeves would be hanging down to your knuckles and crew necks would look like cowl necks. 

Don't let it happen to you. When you measure your knitting, don't do it with it in your lap. . . and don't lean over and put it on the empty spot next to you on the couch. Get up, and place it on a flat, smooth surface. Yes, you even have to move your table cloth. That way your piece won't 'stick' to anything and you will get an accurate measurement. 

Otherwise you may end up with 'Weatherman Measurements'. And no knitting deserves that.

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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