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Sunday, April 26, 2015

From the Library Shelves

Let's think for a second  . . . what are some of our favorite things? I like books (helpful if you work in a library), knitting (of course), and cats. So imagine my reaction when I saw one of the latest additions to the library . . . 

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I mean, really. Can you stand it? 

Of course I flipped through it . . .

I'm not sure which are cuter . . . 
the hats . . . or the cats!!

Since I have 3 cats at home (I know, it kind of makes me a borderline 'cat lady'), I decided I had to take it home and break out the scraps. I mean the cats in the book are cute . . . but my cats are just as cute . . . or at least two of them are. One of them has had a rough time and as a result has runny eyes. You know . . . a face only a mother, or an-almost-cat-lady, could love. 

So I checked the book out and made a couple hats while I watched TV. That was the easy part.

Then I went looking for cats . . . and then came the hard part. I even enlisted my daughter in case i needed an extra pair hands. One cat was ready to claw us to death . . . she was quickly released. My daughter also resigned at this point. The second cat squirmed and wiggled and ran away. (He also hid and wouldn't come near me for the rest of the night . . . even with the bribe of cat treats.)

The third time was the charm . . . and of course with the I'm-so-ugly-I'm-cute-runny-eyes cat. Probably because she is the oldest and just can't be bothered to run away. 

I know . . . it's blurry. But I was lucky to get even a blurry shot!!

So now I am looking at this book in a whole new light. I think the photographer is a genius. How did he get them to sit still, put these hats on them, get them to keep the hats on, AND take a picture . . . that is not blurry?!

At the very least he is a cat whisperer.

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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