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Sunday, November 3, 2013

From the Library's Shelves

I was lucky enough to be at the desk the other day when Suzanne was checking in new magazines. She smiled and announced, "The new Vogue Knitting is in!" I raised my eyebrows and said "Ooh." Then I patiently waited for my lunch break so I could look through it. (Okay, that's I lie. I seldom wait patiently for anything. Especially lunch).

I love having the new issue of a knitting magazine in my hands. I take a few minutes and just look at the cover and let my mind wonder what treats will be inside. Then I have 'that decision' to make. Will I start at the beginning and go through it page by page? Read each article as I come to it? Or should I do a quick flip through, check out the pictures and then read it in no particular order.

Of course I couldn't wait (didn't I mention my lack of patience?). I did the quick flip through and immediately stopped on page 46 when I saw a photo of Ann Hood. . . . and a photo of her latest book. What a lunch break I was having. 

Ann has edited an anthology of essays from writers describing what knitting means to them. If you would like a sneak preview, read the essay by Ann Patchett. It's reprinted in Vogue. (I brought it back from my lunch break, so it's there at the library waiting for you). It left me hungry for more. But I will have to wait, (not patiently), until November 11th when it's released.

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But wait, it gets better. Here's the exciting part . . . and I'm going to tell you first. Ann Hood is coming to the library on December 1st. Mark your calendar. Registration will be two weeks before, but don't worry. . . I'll remind you when it's time. You won't want to miss it. I know I don't.

Next decision, should I put it on my Kindle or do I want the physical book?

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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