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Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Learning Experiences"

See it, the cable between the two blue markers?
Going to the right instead of the left.

I'm still working on Judy's sweater. I decided to follow my own advice and check on my progress . . . good think I did . . . of course there's a mistake right in the middle of the row. . . you know, the row that has 376 stitches in it.

This one wasn't too bad - I saw the mistake after just one row. But if you discover a mistake after you've worked a few inches . . . well that's just depressing. 

Has this happened to you too?! I decided to pretend that I did it on purpose. . .  so I can show you how to fix a cable without ripping out all your hard work. . . you know, a learning experience. (It sounds better than admitting to screwing up a cable).

First work the next row until you come to the point where the mistake is. Then turn the work so the right side is facing you.

Slide the stitches off the needle. 
(Go ahead, don't be afraid).

Get a cable needle and give the yarn going through the stitches a little tug.

(If your mistake is down a couple of rows, just keep pulling out each row until you hit the mistake).

The stitches are untwisted now and you can fix your mistake.

Since I wanted the cable to twist to the left, I am going to pick up the last two stitches first. Then I will pick up the first two, but place them to the left of the stitches on the cable needle.

Here are the stitches on the cable needle . . . this time in the right order . . . ready to be 're-knit'.

Next take the stitches off one at a time and using a crochet hook, grab the floating yarn and pull it through the stitch and place it on the working needle.

(If you have pulled out more than one row, just make sure you grab the floats in order.)

Here it is all fixed . . . you would never know what happened if I didn't confess to you. 

It only takes a few minutes . . . much quicker than ripping out the row.

I am just about to the part where I will divide for the armholes. I'll work on it
 tonight . . . but if I have a glass of wine, I'll put it away. . . then I won't have any more possible 'learning experiences'.

Until the next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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