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Thursday, February 18, 2016

BEARy close

My bear is getting closer to completion! He is all knitted up and ready to be felted. 

Here he is . . . just to give you an idea of his size before he is felted. He is about 19 inches long and about 17 inches from one paw to the other.

He is all sewn up . . . except for a vertical seam going down his chubby tummy where he will get stuffed with fiberfill.

To keep the seam from getting felted shut, I tacked it down with a piece of cotton yarn.

Okay, here is where I will confess. There are some short rows in this pattern . . . which are easy enough . . . if you pay attention. If you don't pay attention . . . like if you are watching Downton Abby and you are worried about Mr. Barrows and you are wondering if Carson will stop be nit-picky about his new wife's cooking . . . or your wondering who Mary will end up with . . . well, you may miss a wrap. 

So look what happened to my poor bear's nose!! A slight hole!

But one thing about felting, it's VERY forgiving. Everything is going to 'smoosh' together and create a fabric that is like . . . well, felt. 

So I simply took a piece of yarn and worked it through his nose and  . . . 

Now there is no hole!!

If I didn't tell you I messed up, you'd never have known!!

Come back on Saturday . . . I'm going to felt him. We'll do it together.

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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