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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Read the Fine Print

Once my yarn was all wound . . . I dug out my needles, grabbed the pattern and sat down to knit. 

You make a bunch of triangles and sew them together into squares and then sew the squares together into the gorgeous creation shown in the picture. 

Here's my first one.

Okay. Easy enough so far.

I worked up a few more and even sewed together my first square. It's not blocked yet, but it'll work.

At this point I decide to take a closer look at the pattern. How many of these little triangles do I need anyways?
"Make 36 for front, 42 for back".
W H A T? Math is not my strong point . . . but isn't that like . . . 78? 78?!! I have the attention span of a gnat . . . and I really want to wear this in the fall. 

Okay, I got an audio book and started listening while I made more triangles. I've got 14 so far . . . 64 more to go . . . I think I'll get an another audio book . . . or two . . . or maybe I should even start a series.

What was I thinking when I decided to make this??!!

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.


  1. I have never mitered anything, & I'm not clear on how it's done, but could these be mitered somehow? You can't sew all those scraps together, it's madness.

  2. I've never mitered either!! But I am going to be an expert at seaming!!