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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Football vs. Knitting

Fall is on the way so my husband (who loves college football), has started planning which games he'll go to. First on his list is Holy Cross on September 6. I know, this doesn't sound like knitting. It sounds like football. Just wait. My sister lives in Worcester, so while the husband watches touchbacks, first and tens, lines of scrimmage and other things that I don't understand I'll visit with Sue.

I know, you are still wondering what this has to do with knitting. Well, my sister tells me a few months ago that there is a yarn store right around the corner from her house. Run by her neighbor. Can you imagine how incredulous I was? When I asked her why she didn't take me there last fall her response was, "well I knew she had a shop, but I didn't know where it was." Really?! Really, Sue? How can you not know there is a yarn store up the street? I couldn't rant and rave at her too much because she gives me wine when I visit. I also cut her slack since even though she can knit, she is not  'a knitter'. (Let's face it there is a difference. A 'knitter' would know there is yarn store up the street!).

It's called Knitscape and it's located in Tatnuck Square. Click here to visit their website.I'm already getting excited. For the next two weeks I will be planning my visit. I will start to go through my patterns, browse through Ravelry and all the books at the library and decide what to knit next. I'm not sure what I like more - the planning, wondering and anticipation of visiting a new shop - or when you actually arrive at the shop and for those first 60 seconds you scan and discover that 'yes, this is a good one'. 

I need another 24" cable for my Addi-Clicks and perhaps a new shawl pin. Yah, a shawl pin. . . I think a wooden one . . . and sock yarn for my mother. Hmm, maybe I should make felted mittens for the football-watching-husband and for the son. . . I also want to make a hooded cowl for my winter coat . . . 

Don't worry. I'll report back.

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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