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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Done With Jargon

I grew up being the daughter of a nurse, which meant it was really hard to stay home sick from school. It also meant I had an 'in' when I went looking for a job in high school. I spent summers as a 'unit clerk' at the Jordan Hospital picking up some of that medical jargon and those abbreviations that mystifies so many. I learned about taking Tylenol PRN, being NPO and taking pills c food. 

Working in a library I quickly discovered it wasn't just the medical profession that talked as if everyone knew what they meant . . . when it's often only the staff that does. We mention Overdrive and Zinnio . . . when people really just want to know if they can put a book on their Kindle or a magazine on their iPad. We talk about books that are protected . . . not realizing the patron across the desk may be thinking "but I would protect any library book I took out". ILL's, bib records, databases . . . the list goes on.

I've decided to make it my mission to stop using any of these jargon-type words. No more calcium bid . . . I'll take it twice a day. No more serials . . . I'll read a magazine, thank you.

I am here to confess.
This is only 1 bags worth. . .
(and I forgot I had that aqua cotton).
Enough of that.

My real problem is my stash. Since summer is over I went to put my fan away . . . I keep it under the eaves, with . . . you guessed it, my collection of yarn. Well somehow, sometime, something happened. It's like it multiplied of it's own volition. It left the nice plastic bins that held it organized by weight and color and egads . . . what a mess. There is even a yarn barf in there! How did this happen? Where did it all come from? WEBS? My LYS?  

There are hand-paints mixed with hand-spun. Fingering, Aran, superwash, cotton and mohair all mixed in together. Some in hanks, some in skeins, some with patterns. An EZ pattern randomly found at the bottom of a bag. I have a lace UFO languishing because I missed a YO and since I was too lazy to use a lifeline, it needs to be tinked back. . . . if not even frogged. Who wants to fix that when I have a WIP on DP's with Manos? In fact, as I looked around I realized I may be closer to SABLE than I thought. Oh no, I just had a thought . . . do you think my Ravelry profile is just as bad?

I guess my next day off will be spent organizing. Hmm . . . by weight, by color? How is yours organized? 

Oh. Wait a minute. You do know what I'm talking about, don't you? There isn't a knitting jargon . . . is there??

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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