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Friday, July 8, 2016

I Forgot I Hate Hot Weather

I love the beginning of vacations. Half of the fun is planning all the things I'll do . . . or not do and just keep an empty slate and act  on the spur of the moment. So I find myself with a week off . . . and a week with nothing planned. Although,  not entirely true . . . my bike is waiting in the shed to be pedaled  . . . I brought home lots of relaxing 'beach reads' . . . and I have lots of yarn just waiting to be touched.

Since it was too hot yesterday to work on the sweater I am making for my aunt . . . (I couldn't bear the thought of wool in my lap when it was 80 degrees and humid.) . . . I broke out a 'quick knit' from my stash. One skein of a silk and linen blend and size 17 needles. Cast on 35 stitches and then increase on each end. All in garter stitch. No thinking required. Perfect for a hot day. Relaxing.


I guess I had forgotten how bulky and cumbersome it is to knit with size 17 needles. The stitches are so loose . . . it's so easy to pick up part of the stitch underneath and knit it together . . . even using bamboo needles the stitches want to go flying off the needles.

When I try and slide them up from the coil on the circular needle . . . well, first they have relaxed to a size that will fit about a size 8 needle so I have to tug them over the needle join . . . and then the yarn is thin so they are crossing over each other. . . so I have to stop and use my fingernail to separate them so that I can knit them in the correct order.

Have I mentioned that it's hot outside? Have I mentioned the humidity? This was suppose to be a relaxing summer project. Not. 

I decide to suck it up and persevere and give the yarn a pull to work on another row . . . and of course now the ball goes flying out of the bag and off the deck. 

At this point my daughter looks out the kitchen window and says "Hey mom, do you know your yarn is in the dirt?"

That's it. I retrieved the yarn from the ground . . . along with the pattern wilted from the humidity . . . and tossed it in the bag.

I figured it was time to break out a book . . . and wait for fall to come.

until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.

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