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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Puzzling Jigsaw Tangles

Thursdays are "Puzzling Thursdays" at the library. You can come in and work on part of a huge crossword puzzle, fiddle with a rubics cube or work on a jigsaw puzzle. When it's not a Thursday, the jigsaw puzzle is stored in the staff room.

Here is where I become puzzled. I have seen my co-workers spend their break, lunch and even go home late to stay and work on this jigsaw puzzle. They stand in front of it carefully scrutinizing, straightening and strategically moving around these small pieces. They do this for a long time. Then, they triumphantly turn around and announce to me "I got a piece in!" Really? Really? I confess I just don't understand it and can't quite share their enthusiasm. Don't they know how many rows they could have knitted on a project in the length of time it took them to latch one small piece next to another small piece?

Admit it. It has happened to you, hasn't it?
It's a challenge any knitter would tackle.
Spend hours untangling - as opposed to
cutting and having another end to weave in
Then this morning I had a little 'ahah' moment. Someone gave me a skein of yarn that needed to be use double-stranded for a project. There was a tangle in it that of course became worse during the transport home. Did I cut the yarn like any sane person would do? No. I spent (no, I won't even tell you how long I spent), untangling this mess. I sat there drinking my coffee working loops through loops, keeping it loose so it would not knot, following the path of yarn into the black hole of the tangle . . . and yes, it was relaxing, soothing and stimulating all at the same time. It was a bit of a  brain
                                                           test. I would not let this mess get the
                                                           best of me.

Then it hit me. This was my jigsaw puzzle! It's just that mine is made of yarn and can be picked up. Now when my co-workers happily connect those little squares of 1" cardboard pieces I will silently root for them. (Silently . . . because I wouldn't want to disturb their concentration.)

If you can, come in on Thursday and help them out with the puzzle.

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber. (Yes, sometimes literally in fiber!).

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