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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sock Knit-a-Long #9

Are you ready to finish your sock?!

I have finished all my toe decreases and I have 16 stitches left.

Using needle #3, knit across the 4 stitches on needle #1.

You now have only 2 needles, with 8 stitches on each one.

Cut your yarn from the skein leaving about a 15" tail. Thread the end through a blunt end tapestry needle.
(My favorite are Chibi by Clover).

Next go someplace where you will be left alone for about 15 minutes. You will be glad that you did.

Hold the two needles in your left hand (I insert my index finger between the two needles to keep them stable an separate). Using your right hand,

- insert the needle into the first stitch on the first needle as if to knit and then slip the stitch off the needle.

-insert the needle into the second stitch on the first needle as if to purl, but leave the stitch on the needle.

-insert the needle into the first stitch on the rear needle as if to purl and slip it off.

-insert the needle into the next stich on the rear needle as if to knit, but leave it on the needle

Repeat these four steps until all the stitches have been joined. (This is why I told you to go someplace quiet. It's much easier to do this if you just repeat the directions in your head as you do it. Sometime the words come out of my head and I find I am talking to myself. If you are alone, well people won't know).

Too loose . . .
Just right.
 Do not pull your yarn too tight. I tend to work a little loose. I think it's easier to adjust the stitches afterwards using my Chibi needle.

It's much harder to adjust stiches that are too tight.

Fasten off the end of your yarn inside and also weave in the cast-on tail.

Put your sock on and dance around the house and say "Look what I made, look what I made!"

Then quickly sit down again . . . I think the Patriots are playing at 4:30 . . . you can cast-on for your second sock and work on the leg ribbing during the game!

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