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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You Know You're A Knitter When . . .

Are you still thinking about how knitting fits into your life? For many people knitting starts out as a hobby. A great way to make a scarf to match your new coat, a sweater for your daughter's American Girl Doll or Bella Gloves for your Twilight fan. These are 'people who knit'. For others it's a little bit more . . . these are 'knitters'.

If you're not sure which group you are in, well, here's a few clues. You know you're a knitter . . . 

. . . when you start to plan your vacations around the locations of knitting shops. 

. . . when you see a scarf in Macy's that you like and you not only think "I can make that", but you stop and count how many stitches there are and start to write down the pattern on a scrap of paper. 

. . . when you don't see a problem in having 3 or 4 pairs of the same needle size because you know someday you could have a different project going on each of them.

. . . when you would give a stranger from the subway station a cashmere cabled sweater instead of a cherished family member "who will just throw it on the floor".

. . . when you fall in love with a beautiful hand-painted colorway, purchase the yarn, knit the sweater and then buy the outfit to go with it. 

. . . when you leave baskets of yarn out "just so you can look at them".

. . . when you go on Ravelry "for a few minutes" and then realize the sun has set and people are wondering where dinner is.

 Hmm . . . when did you realize you were a knitter? Let me know.

Until next time, keep your nose in a book or your fingers in fiber.


  1. I realized I was a Knitter (aka crazy person) when I knit my wedding dress.

  2. You knit your wedding dress?! Really?! I am even more in awe of you!!